Monday, August 19, 2013

Korea Facing: The Book and Consultancy

I have been receiving numerous requests by global teams, including several PhDs and international officials, for further information on my book Korea Facing: Secrets for Success in Korean Global Business.
With its release in late 2012, the book drew considerable media global attention. This included interviews on Seoul tbs eFM, the Wall Street Journal's 'Korea Real Time', and the book was featured in Korea Herald. Readership has been worldwide.

That said, Korea facing has long been the focus of my consultancy as I provide   strategy, training and coaching to teams. This requires me to deal with issues discussed in the book firsthand and on a daily basis.

Employed by a Korean-based company outside of South Korea? The book and my consultancy can suggest strategies and skills to succeed. This includes working with Korean expatriates, managing business partnership expectations, and understanding the Korean decision making and thought process.

Likewise, if your firm provides services or products to a South Korean overseas subsidiary, this book and my consultancy will be beneficial and offer tactics to strengthen and maintain relationships.

Finally, if your company has significant business in Korea, but leadership and headquarters are located in the West, we offer key management suggestions on how best to deal with pressing issues and challenges that surface.

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