Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hyundai MotorStudio—Blending Modern Premium and Auto-culture Inspired Opus

Located near a number of impressive high prestige car dealerships such as BMW and Audi, the Hyundai MotorStudio stands at a major intersection of Seoul’s style and fashion Gangnam district.  However, the MotorStudio differs from the competition in that its purpose is to share the Hyundai brand direction of “modern premium”. I have come to understand this to be a set of values less about luxury cars but more of striving to go beyond what customers expect in merging performance with reasonable pricing and fluid style.

Photo Courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company
Having also supported the Group’s manufacturing plants, my first impression as I explored the building’s galleries was that the industrial metallic décor of steel pipes and anodized steel panels reflects the brand’s solid auto production roots. That said, after sipping a latte in its trendy Paul Bassett café overlooking sculptures by global media artist group United Visual Artists, my impressions softened and shifted to one of introspection.

A calming venue amid the hustle and bustle of Seoul and vibrant Gangnam, the MotorStudio is a showcase for the brand and product. In particular Hyundai Motor Company’s public platform connects the brand image and vision with similar and inspiring automotive-related design, artwork, and opus. I look forward to future visits to Seoul and watching the MotorStudio and the brand evolve over time.

Each floor of the six story building showcases aspects of the brand.

Photos Courtesy of the Author
Along with an extensive collection of car culture and Hyundai-related books neat memorabilia are added features of the Library.

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About the Author  Don Southerton

With a life-long interest in Korea and the rich culture of the country, Southerton has authored numerous publications and articles centering on the Korean auto industry. His firm Bridging Culture Worldwide provides strategy, consulting and training to Korea-based global business, including long time support of the Hyundai Motor Group. His most recent publication is Hyundai Way: Hyundai Speed.


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