Friday, July 18, 2014

Vintage MacGregor Golf, and Craftsmanship that Endures

It was time for a Golf article.

Vintage MacGregor
Walking into a curio and antique shop in Golden, Colorado, my attention was drawn to an aged golf bag. A hand-written sign priced the clubs and irons at $3.00 each.

Working extensively in the golf sector, I attend high profile and prestigious events, such as the annual PGA Show in Orlando and last October the President’s Cup in Columbus, Ohio. More so, I provide daily support to retailer Golfsmith for their entry into the South Korea market with Korean partner Golfzon. As a result, I am often given the opportunity to try the latest cutting edge clubs, both those in development and those on the market.

Pleasantly surprised, I found the time-battered golf bag contained clubs and irons branded MacGregor. In short order, I grabbed a 4 Wood and a 3 Iron and became the proud owner of classic 50s clubs.

Don Southerton and MacGregor 4 Wood
MacGregor Golf, which began making clubs in 1897, pioneered many of the advances in golf equipment. MacGregor’s prowess as a maker of forged blades was passed down from one generation of heralded craftsmen to the next.
Ad from the late 1950s
The MacGregor name, however faded over time. Fortunately the respected brand was acquired by a company I know well-- retailer Golfsmith International. Today, Golfsmith offers a revamped lineup of drivers, irons, wedges, and putters.

Now the “new clubs” are displayed prominently in my Golden, Colorado office. I must say, they feel and swing great. The classic 4 Wood and 3 Iron may be aged and worn but the craftsmanship endures. 


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