Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Everything Korea, July 20 Episode: a Case Study Sneak Peek This week we have something special, a preview of a new case study.

Over the past month I have been sharing the role of the creative class in the workplace--Korea and America. To clarify I looked at the “culture” needed to foster the Creative Mind in the workplace, and in particular recognize their values, norms, and attitudes.  The new case study is the result of this study and research.

This said, I have attached a link to this new Case Study.  Please take a moment to download and read.  I would appreciate any feedback and comments before we offer it to a wider Korea facing distribution.

And by the way…
If you and your company would like to discuss challenges, I would be happy to chat. I’ve found each company has its own dynamics and I approach this case-by-case crafting an approach tailored to the client.

So until next time…

Schedule a chat?  http://www.meetme.so/southerton
or if you have a Direct Question?  Go to questions@koreabcw.com

Download Link for the Case Study: http://unbouncepages.com/case-study-fb/  

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