Monday, August 10, 2015

Everything Korea: August 10 Episode Workplaces: Korea and US (and UK)

Deconstructing key aspects of western workplace in contrast to norms in South Korea continues to draw my attention. This week I add U.K. workplace insights since it, too, has a strong entrepreneurial and creative class--taking risks and learning from mistakes as seen there as part of the process going hand and hand.  

In some ways I am personally draw to the British and specifically a Wales’ spin on business. This was well captured in a David Hieatt, Co-founder of The Do Lectures & Hiut Denim, 2011 workshop titled “Love Luck and Ideas got a town making jeans again.”  So take some time listen, it’s well worth the time.  More so, for my Korean friends in Korea and those Koreans working in overseas operations the video shares values that are actually tied to business like Love, Luck and Sentiment. 

BTW I love David’s quote that jeans are “the creative uniform for the creative man”.    
Captures something I was missing, but so true.

This said, we all recognizing there is a gap in norms, values, and attitudes between the West (and in this case Wales in the U.K.) and South Korea, so what are construction steps can be taken to bridge the gap and lead to solutions. 

Frankly that where my expertise comes in.  I provide a strategy, coaching, and training to overcome cultural impasses that if not addressed do lead to frustration, stalled momentum and high turnover of the best staff and leadership.

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