Monday, August 24, 2015

Everything Korea: Episode August 24—A Longer Answer

In a June Vodcast I shared a “short answer” describing my work consulting for CEO and C-level management as well as the teams.

My short answer has been what client and long friend, a CMO for a major company best described my practice to others as Everything Korea… I also like having been introduced as “ a high power consultant” or Don is “the guru, the guy CEOs want to have their voice heard with…

In particular, I provide counsel and solutions based on my years working with Korean business—a good part in the international expansion into new markets and the challenges that surface. 

I also shared why I post weekly Vodcasts, frequent media commentaries, case studies as well as books on Korea facing topics.   They all serve as channels to educate and inform.   

This said, in my consultancy each engagement needs to be approached on a case-by-case basis—no two situations identical.

If you feel you might benefit from my Korean business insights, I’ve blocked out my availability to chat and discuss…. Just go to

In closing, I’ve included a “Long Answer” List of varied media resources and interviews that share and highlight the scope of my work as well as advise for Korea facing companies.  


Wall Street Journal Korea Real Time 
“Southerton Advises Non-Koreans in Overseas Korean Offices”

Busan Hap
“Korea Facing: Interview with Korea Global Consultant Don Southerton” 

Korea Herald
“The Tall Man’ and the globalization of Hyundai Construction”
Wall Street Journal Korea Real Time 
“Hyundai Motor: Cruising or Skidding?”

The Korean Car Blog (a selection of articles authored by Don Southerton)

“New Urbanism”

Korea Magazine
Cover Story: “Songdo”

“How Korean car makers beat out the Japanese”

Leaf Chronicle
“Growth Summit Focuses on Global Jobs”

Oh, one more thing, even more links to resources are available upon request.

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