Monday, November 23, 2015

Everything Korea: November 23 Episode, The New Book

I’d like to share a short preview of my next book on Korean global business.  

Following in the footsteps of my other recent publications, it will continue to provide  “knowledge of the tribe” and insights--- all worthy of probably my most original title, which I will be disclosing closer to the release date along with cover art.

This said, I have always found books about Korean business and culture informative, but they can be locked in time. In other words they are relevant and accurate at their publication, but with Korea’s ever changing society and economy shifts in workplace norms, practices and attitudes the content requires constant revisions and updating.  In particular, with regard to overseas Korean operations Change is even more dramatic.  

Recognizing this challenge, I have taken an approach to my latest book sharing insights into Korea facing business by building upon a recent round of my articles, commentaries and case studies—then all updating and revising to stay as current as possible.

Noting this, I share my observations and remarks on Korean global business —many subjects revisited while new trends are explored and all deconstructed.  

Look for publication updates as we get closer to a release date.  

In the meantime, would you like to schedule a time to discuss your Korea facing business needs?  

To facilitate and with my rather demanding workload and travel, Stacey, my personal assistant at can schedule us for a time.

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