Monday, December 07, 2015

Everything Korea, December 7 Episode: Top 4 Ills

Korean global business can come with some serious challenges, especially if dis-connects between teams are left unchecked. With mentoring, coaching and a strategy, it’s possible to reduce these ills, and greatly improve morale and operations.  So what are some of the common issues?  I have listed 4 that surface often, and frankly I deal with and provide solutions.

1. A common perception is that the allegiance of Korean expatriates assigned to a local subsidiary is to the Korean HQ over local matters. This in turn drives their actions to the detriment of the local operations.  

2. Another overarching issue is Trust, especially with the sharing of information. Many feel it is one-way (Korea requesting data and reports) but little feedback from Korea. It can even be perceived that little or poor communication exists even between HQ departments, or with their sister affiliates and suppliers.

3. Koreans assigned to local operations need to be more receptive to change, and be more 50-50/ give and take in interactions.

4. Local teams were hired with expectations “to Do something-- Build something Grand. “  Seeing little progress this can lead to poor morale at local operations and can result in the high turnover of employees. Some feel it also taints the ability of local operations to recruit new team members within their respective industry.

Again, these concerns can be addressed and mitigated. It’s what I do.

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