Thursday, January 14, 2016

Everything Korea: January 11 Episode, a 2016 Re-boot, The Process

I consider my mission to be akin to the aphorism "a rising tide lifts all boats.” I
work to build bridges among the members of Korean, American and global teams. I
feel the issues and impasses that surface are less about “them and us”.  Frankly,
it's more about working through the issue and collaboration, and rather timely with
the challenges of the new year ahead,

So, for starters….

I share Korea-facing business situations, issues and challenges using a methodology to first uncover and state the problem and then present solutions and workarounds.

That said, at times readers of my BCW Vodcasts, media commentaries and publications question, “Don, you highlight the problem and indicate that there are solutions, but why not provide details on these workarounds?”

I admit that offering detailed workarounds to the public would be beneficial.

However, as a consultancy I do provide these services to clients after fully understanding the circumstances.  On a side note… I was once reminded by a top client CEO that I was so forthcoming that in his opinion I was “giving away the razor blades, but only charging for the handle”—not a very smart business model.

Still, I’d like to share with you my two-step process, which I hope will be insightful.

These two strategies are time proven and align well cross-culturally. In fact, in the next episode I will provide a detailed approach to both strategies.

In the meantime, if urgent I would be happy to provide you with details on the process.

To facilitate and with my rather demanding workload and travel, Stacey, my personal assistant at can schedule us for a time.

Finally, I look forward to supporting you and your team in 2016.

Oh, one more thing for 2016.….

I have re-booted and enhanced greatly my weekly commentary. Here’s the link if you are not already receiving.  Look for exclusive insights and opinions.


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