Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Everything Korea: February 8 Episode, a Korea-facing Format

From my Korea-facing Business Toolbox…
In the mid-2000s, I was on-boarding a new senior executive who had been recruited from Toyota by my Korea-facing client. In one of the first mentoring sessions, he asked for the Cover Page template for the Korean company having learned to use a Toyota SOP A4 template for all reports and proposals.
I knew the Korean company had a format for Korean language cover pages used in the reporting process to management, but I had not seen one in English. In fact, Western teams crafted reports for Korea, but one of the roles for the Korean expatriate coordinators assigned to local operations was translated and formatted these report for the HQ.
In particular, the cover page is a standardized A4 landscape layout so management can skim over quickly and get the gist. In needed, they can then dig deeper into the report deck.
Building on this, I suggest a similar format can be used in sharing reports with Korean teams and management. More so, it works well when used in conjunction with my 2 strategies. See the past Two Vodcasts, here are the YouTube links.
Interested in the template? Stacey, my personal assistant at can coordinate a time for us to chat. 
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