Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Everything Korea, June 20 Episode, My Work, aka The Hyundai Whisperer

Heading this week to the 2016 Hyundai Motor America National Dealer Show in Las Vegas. I enjoy attending Dealer Shows (Hyundai’s as well as Kia Motors’). Not only for the immersion in the brand and the preview of new products, but it’s a great time to meet and support my clients.

In fact, it was at a Dealer Show that the term “Hyundai Whisperer” first surfaced as I was introduced to a team of executives new to the Brand.
Soon after it went ‘viral.’

The term, “Hyundai Whisperer” is now commonly used by many to describe my consultancy.

At one level it is an example of how one’s reputation matters…. on another level it shares that dedicating one’s work to a niche matters, too. Personally, I will continue to provide “knowledge of the tribe”, insights and client support worthy of the title—the “Hyundai Whisperer.”

Have a Korea-facing situation that needs addressing? Need some insights into Korea-facing challenges? In many cases, we can provide solutions and workarounds.

My personal assistant Stacey at stacey@koreabcw.com can coordinate a time for us to chat by phone, meet or handle by email.

One more thing… 

Would you like a copy of my book Korea Perspective?

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