Monday, June 06, 2016

Korean Global Business Mastery

There is synergic energy, commitment, and excitement in the air….
Beginning June  2016 I will introduce an exclusive Korean global business mastery service. Membership will be restricted to a select few… who will have elite access to strategies and insights I’ve developed over decades of research coupled with hands on experience.

The paid service is part mentoring and part providing immediate solutions into the challenges into Korean facing workplace and global business for C-level leadership, as well as teams.
The main focus is problem solving and support.

What it isn’t…
  • It is not a class or training program, while I do teach and bring a high level of expertise.
  • It is not group coaching individuals in a group setting, although there are weekly and monthly sessions.
  • It is not a Mastermind networking group, but we believe in sharing and connecting without soliciting.
Sign up for a Free Introductory: direct inquiries on enrollment and fees, please contact me at:

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