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Everything Korea August 8 Hyundai and Kia-- The early years, Plus some

After a week of travel supporting clients, some new and some longtime, I am reminded how needs vary. In many cases its sharing lessons learned and resources I’ve developed.

One that comes to mind is my 2012, Hyundai and Kia Motors: The Early Years and Product Development. Beyond a comprehensive look of the rise of one of the world’s top carmakers as the brands entered the market, it provides some great insights into Korea’s economic growth. This model at first produced products for their domestic needs then for export outside Korea.
In particular, Korea to enter many new markets looked to Japan and the West for a transfer of technology and explicit knowledge, such as blueprints, technical specifications, production manuals, and training of engineers and production teams.

Over time Korean companies developed their own in-house integrated technology research, development, and design not to mention the economies of scale needed for the Korean automaker to compete globally with industry heavyweights such as Sony and Panasonic in electronics and Toyota, Ford, GM, and VW in auto-production.

To Dig Deeper

Here’s a link to Hyundai and Kia Motors: The Early Years and Product Development

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