Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Everything Korea, October 3 Episode, The HOW

A respected colleague shared their thoughts on last week’s commentary “Hit the Target”—noting is was “a timely topic!” “… Especially as we enter the fourth quarter…”

Several readers also chimed in-- lamenting that local leadership and teams receive little guidance in HOW to hit the target.

To add some context, HOW has considerable to do with Korean workplace culture norms.  Leaders give directives, and teams execute in a top down manner. In some cases, well meaning leaders withhold detailed instructions to empower their teams to work through it themselves…. In other cases, some in less progressive management feel there are being paid to do a job…. And teams need to struggle like they themselves had earlier in their careers…  While others recognize providing direction may be efficient, but hope their team will find new and better ways to tackle the challenge.  In particular, some form of “hail Mary” that drives sales and even better at a low cost.

Frankly, demands today on Korean export driven business have pushed and stretched teams. Many feel they are operating at maximum with little room for additional market share or sales.

Risk avoidance adds another layer when new ideas are presented, too.  

Under these circumstances I have two recommendations.  
  1. Present multiple and alternative ideas and countermeasures… vs. selecting one idea.  I know a common response is “we do this, but to little avail.”   This does take some cultural savvy… the best teams in Korea do find ways to get their message heard. I can help here…. in providing you with a best approach.
  2. Couple with suggesting a trial or pilot approach to minimize risk and investment—with the ability to roll out fast.  Again, this takes some savvy in how best to share and present…. Something I do often….

Care to discuss solutions?  My personal assistant Stacey at stacey@koreabcw.com can coordinate a time for us to chat by phone, meet or handle by email.

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