Monday, November 07, 2016

Everything Korea November 7 Episode, Traversing the Challenges

One of my passions is mountain trail running—the more demanding the terrain--the better. It’s the same in my consultancy –I enjoy tackling tough challenges – and providing sound solutions and a work through.

Over the past few days, I’ve had inquiries on resources to help western managers and teams better work with their Korean counterparts. As I’ve mentioned, for example, we’re seeing local teams increasingly in daily correspondence and on calls with Korea HQ teams, so practical skills and insights can help traverse the cross-cultural challenges.

In addition to my weekly vodcasts, now with more than 100 videos on the BCW YouTube Channel and over 20,000 views, I'd like to share another web-based resource –Issuu—where I’ve uploaded 22 publications.

Subjects are wide ranging from my 10 insights into Hyundai Motor Company culture to articles in Forbes, Chief Executive (Korean language), The Economist, The Korea Herald, Yonhap New Agency, FSR Magazine, and US Korea Connect to name a few.
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