Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Everything Korea, April 17 Episode Working with Koreans, Part 3

I now turn to sharing some thoughts for local western teams working with Korean teams based in Korea.

With the shift to ever-increasing daily interactions with Korean HQs via web and phone conferences, western teams need even deeper practical insights into working within the Culture along with new skill sets. 

In particular, the Executive Coordinator/ Advisor model has had its limitations...but the Koreans assigned as expatriates do learn local norms and adapt over time. This mean the Coordinators molded to local operations with a little need for many in the local teams to become skilled in Korea workplace norms.

In contrast, Korea-based teams follow deeply imbedded HQ and company norms. They are not likely to model or adapt to their overseas subsidiaries.

This now means strong skills in managing the relationship and understanding the Korean workplace “in’s and out’s” and “do’s and don’t” as well as effective communication take on a new heightened significance. 

Over the past years, I’ve shared solutions in my books, articles and case studies…

That said, I find that each situation required my having to drill deeper to truly grasp and provide solid resolution…. Thus best to contact me and we can discuss…

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