Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Everything Korea, May 1 Episode Korea Immersion—Still the Best Practice

Immersion. It’s my approach when working with new executives, team members and their partner--service providers.

It’s not only a best practice followed by top Korea-facing companies, but a lesson-learned over the years on the consequences of not providing this support.

More than a few clients, for example, offers up to 18 hours of my Korea 101 ℠ programs, not to mention ongoing mentoring to the executives. We also provide immersion with New Employee Orientation and even for their summer intern programs.
Bottom line “Immersion” gives teams the skills to “work within the Culture.”

Oh, one more thing. 
All partner-providers, account representatives, and their support teams should receive immersion training…. 

Often overlooked these teams, too, need to “work with the Culture.” Korea facing clients differ greatly in nuance and practice from the other American, European and Asian brands they may support. To learn more, Stacey my personal assistant (Stacey@koreabcw.com) can schedule a time for us to discuss on how best to offer Korea 101 ℠ immersion programs for your team.

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