Thursday, July 06, 2017

Everything Korea--Creativity, Décor and Cuisine

Bistro Seoul, Mad for Garlic and Modern Nulang

In my 2016 article “Creative Culture vs. Process in South Korea”

I discuss the challenges and gaps in a creative workplace culture between the West and South Korea. 

That said, I have also shared “Change.”

I see huge leaps in the culture that nurtures an emerging “creative class.”

One can sense the change just strolling down a trendy Seoul urban district undergoing gentrification such as Hongdae or Sinsadong where streets and alleys are dotted with vogue shops and hip cafes. Likewise, adjacent neighborhoods, Yeonnam-dong and Sangsu-dong, for example, have become home to Korean hipsters and young artists.

In particular, this emerging Korean creative class has generated a demand for and furthered the appeal for chic design, urban art, indie music, and hip, smart fashion as many look to stand out as individuals within a people once depicted cross-culturally as high in conformity. 

This leads me to my thought for this week. As I shared in the previous post, I am supporting three Korean concepts in their U.S. and Americas expansion. 

I see strong ties to creativity behind the brands. First in design style and décor of the restaurants.  

Bistro Seoul, Mad for Garlic and Modern Nulang

And, secondly in the artisan cuisine—both in savor and presentation.

Oh, one more thing.

Regarding the three food brands, we’re eager to meet with potential development partners to share the concepts—each as shown with their unique appeal.

For more information on the brands, please contact Stacey my assistant at, and she can schedule a time to meet or chat by phone. 

For all urgent matters, text me at 310-866-3777

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