Thursday, May 11, 2006

DMB, WiBro and South Korea KT

In South Korea a brand new service mixing WiBro and terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting will soon be launched to help usher in the era of convergence between telecom and broadcasting.

The new service will be jointly provided by the country's No. 1 broadband operator KT Corp. and largest broadcaster KBS.

Terrestrial DMB, Korea's mobile TV standard, allows users to enjoy real time TV programs through mobile gadgets such as mobile phones or laptops while on the move. The mobile TV technology uses conventional terrestrial transmitters, thus charging no subscription fees. The service was started in Dec. last year and currently offers 28 channel choices.

WiBro service, the 3.5-generation high speed portable internet, is expected to be commercially deployed by KT next month. KT and KBS demonstrated the new service at Yeouido in Seoul yesterday with the attendance of officials from the two companies, related technology companies and media.
Customers will be able to enjoy TDMB's real-time TV viewing, along with video-on-demand service and interactive data transmissions at WiBro speed. They need to connect universal serial bus, or USB, cards capable of receiving TDMB signals to WiBro terminals.

Value-added broadcast services will be offered, which include information on TV drama programs, video replay, games, quiz, electronic commerce, and interactive advertising event, KT said. Fees for these services add greatly to the profitability of the system.

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