Saturday, May 06, 2006

Korean Job Market for Grads Improves

A huge concern among Korean college students is finding a job when the graduate. This stress has been exasperated in recent years with it taking months after graduation to find a job. Competition for working at Korea's top Groups like Hyundai-Kia, Samsung, SK, Lotte, and LG only adds to the stress.

GOOD NEWS, Korea Times notes...
About two thirds of last year's university graduates have landed jobs cites the Korean National Statistical Office (NSO).

Of the new university graduates last year, the percentage who had their names on the payroll rose to a record 65 percent from 56.4 percent the previous year, the NSO said. The employment rate is the highest level since the statistical office began compiling youth data in 1990.

A total of 268,833 people graduated universities last year and 154,542 secured jobs, it said.

In contrast, only 27.7 percent of vocational high school graduates succeeded in finding jobs last year while 67.6 percent pursued learning at colleges or universities.

On average, it took 10 months for high school and university graduates to find their first jobs.

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