Tuesday, February 27, 2007

24/7/365: A Global Mindset

My work is 24/7/ 365. Globalization is a mindset I embrace. For example, I begin each day at 5:00 AM (usually at a local Starbucks drinking coffee grown in Africa or South America), First, I surf the web for events that shape and impact my clients. I answer emails, most often from Europe and the Middle East, and then focus on the East Coast. By midday, I've shifted my focus to California. Late afternoon has me looking at Asia and Korea as they begin a new day. My evenings deal with my Korea based projects. After getting some sleep, it's not uncommon that I wake up around 1 AM to check-in on Korea as their business day ends. So what do I do for fun....

This photo shows me out for a morning trail run near the beach in La Jolla, California. Note the Hyundai Motor Company hat, the shirt is a gift from a friend at Chosun Ilbo, and the shirt was made with textile from Hyosung. BTW I carry my Blackberry on the run, so I stay wired ;)


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  1. skadamo7:14 AM

    What a great skill set to have. Are you working with Hyosung Motors at all? I added your RSS feed to my reader...