Monday, September 17, 2007

Starbucks Korea, Free WiFi, and Chuseok

I do most of my work at Starbucks...whether I'm at home in La Jolla, California, on the road, or in Korea. WiFi connects me to BCW's global clients. Korea media notes their Starbucks location will offer FREE WiFi for October to celebrate Chuseok. ( Watch for my upcoming Blog on Chuseok 2007).

Coffee With Free Internet

Korea is repeatedly dubbed one of the most wired nations in the world. But when it comes to the wireless field, it is not much better than any other countries _ the coverage is limited, connection is unstable and the charge is absurdly high.

One of the places that guarantee good wireless connection is Starbucks coffee shops. Celebrating Chuseok, KT opened up its Nespot wireless Internet service for free at the American coffee chain from Monday. The promotional event continues through October.

One must sign up as a member on the Web site of either KT, Daum Communications or Starbucks. Once in the cafe, Web browsers will automatically be connected to the Nespot site and members can download an ID and a password for free Internet use of three hours.

``The generation between 25 and 35 say that Starbucks is the best place for surfing the Web,'' said Han Won-sik, marketing executive of KT. ``We want to let them enjoy the Internet from their favorite spot.''


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  1. Hello, long time listener, first time caller here!

    This post about free wireless internet at Starbucks really caught my eye, because the FREE promotion didn't seem to last very long. I've never used the service at Starbucks, so I could be wrong, but I just picked up a leaflet at my local branch that said 1 hours service from Nespot costs 3,000 won, and a full day 12,000 won.

    I was genuinely planning to use my laptop at Starbucks in the future, but I now won't at all. While the 3000 won an hour is no problem for me personally, it's an hour's part-time wage for a University student, and 3 times the cost of going to an internet cafe instead. While I like the atmosphere and taste of the coffee at Starbucks, and have few other options in Korea, I do have my limits for Starbucks abusing it's monopolistic position here.

    Keep up the good work!