Saturday, August 09, 2008

New Hire Korean Culture Training Program

Great News... Over the past few years many clients have requested BCW develop a Korean culture program to be offered in-house to new hires. BCW often conducts Live programs to groups of new employees. However, many firms hire and offer NEO to one or two employees at a time. The BCW Korean culture introductory program allows your staff to provide immediate support to new hires. (BCW then recommend all management and team members receive BCW-conducted Korea 101 and Korea 201 culture training within the first year of employment.)

Our new program is a wonderful introduction to Korea, Korean culture, the Korean workplace and your Korea-based Group. As a special bonus we have added a section comparing the Korean and American-Western workplace, plus some protocol hints.

The Program Package includes:
A PowerPoint slide show presentation with great graphics and photographs.
( Also available in Flash).
A facilitator instructional guide and presentation notes.
Facilitator support and training.
Participant handout

Topics include:
Modern Korea
Some background on your firm (each program is personalized).
Cultural Comparisons
Korean Protocol Hints
Q and A?

Please email or call +1-310-866-3777 to arrange for a preview of the program.


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  1. Basically i am not interested with Korean type of culture - no matter even its a work cultre,So sorry my friend.