Saturday, August 09, 2008

What Makes Bridging Culture Worldwide Stand Out?

What make a business unique? A great question. I feel it centers on something unique they bring to the market. In my work on entrepreneurship,  I found it often involved filling a need or gap in the market. 

BCW stands out because we focus on Korean global business.  We work with both Korea and Western management and teams.  I'm happy to say we have a wonderful reputation. I attribute this to 3 skills.

#1 Critical Thinking. 
Critical thinking is a cognitive skill that allows us to logically investigate a situation, problem, question, or phenomenon in order to make a judgement, decision, or recommendation.

#2 Strong People Skills.  This is especially important when working with people under stress. Moreover, the Korean workplace is relationship-based vs. the West's procedure or system-based mindset.

#3 Finally, BCW has decades of experience. We understand business. We understand Korea. And, we have been there, observing, and working with hundreds of executives, managers, and teams as Korea-based firms have gone global. We know the challenges. We can help.

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