Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Korean Supercar--The Spirra

My last article discussed the Korean mini car market. At the opposite end of the spectrum there is the Spirra. The cars are crafted by Proto Motors, which was acquired by Oullim Motors in 2007.

Korea Herald notes:
The Korean supercar Spirra passed all of the tests required in Small Series Type Approval required to market automobiles in Europe, Oullim Networks announced on Tuesday.

Although Oullim Networks formed an agreement with the Dutch firm Miles Benelux to ship 145 Spirra vehicles to Europe over three years in July 2008, exports have been postponed due to delays in the approval process.

Spirra cars, Spirra S and Spirra Turbo, come with 2.7-liter engines that generate 400 and 500 brake horsepower. The cars have zero-to-100 kilometers per hour acceleration time of 4.8 and 3.8 seconds.

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