Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thought of the Day: Korean Global Business # 20

Day 20
In discussions with western management and teams over their interactions with Korean leadership, I stress the need to recognize generational differences exist. For example, on a recent visit to one of BCW's clients, an American executive noted the younger Korean expats were great, and worked well with the American team. (In the past, there were many conflicts with the expats.)

I shared that the newly assigned expats were shinsedae--the New Generation. Ages 26-35, many of this group have studied abroad, worked most of their careers on overseas support and projects, are fluent in English ( and often another language or two), and have a global perspective.

That said, these shinsedae expats are still not decision makers. In Korean based firms ALL key decisions are made by those Director level and above--who are, of course, an older and often Old School generation.

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