Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thought of the Day: Korean Global Business # 21

Day 21
Over the past month, I have shared numerous thoughts on Korean business. A long time reader notes:

I have been following your thoughts of the day regularly,[it] makes for interesting reading.
Economic situations is driving korean companies to go global with more sincerity also noting that korea tourism and encouragement for foreigners is increasing. (In India we can see the "Sparking Korea' advt often nowadays.)
Still the challenge of cross training top global executives in korean companies remains. In search of 빨리 빨리 [balli balli- fast fast] results K overseas, the importance of the cultural synchronization [is overlooked] and end up losing more time instead.
Great insight. I deal with this often.
To recap,
Failing to provide teams and management with Korean cross cultural training will only mean more stress, poor results, and high turnover to top employees.
Providing teams with training and coaching reduces stress, builds teamwork, and increases productivity. "Nuff said."
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