Saturday, December 05, 2009

Korea Language Skills Survey: Novices Welcome

One of my longtime Korean friends has a request. I hope you support this project. All that required is some Korean language training.... novices welcome.

I am Yongjoon Cho, PhD student at USC. The experiment is a part of my
dissertation. Its purpose is to help me better understand the
acquisition of the
Korean language as one’s second language, and how
it is related to the knowledge of one’s native language. I know that
there is a developmental sequence in
second language learning, but I
want to understand more about the differences in how the second
language users move through that sequence. The study will be conducted
in both
Korea and the United States.

If you agree to participate in this study, you will first complete an
information questionnaire about your language background. The main
task consists of a set of acceptability judgment tasks. A short
proficiency test will follow the main task. It will take approximately
60 minutes in total. The experiment will be conducted via Internet.
Its contents and process are specified below. (The experiment is
referred to as SURVEY below.)

All information provided will be kept confidential.

The survey is composed of five parts.

Part 1: Consent form and linguistic background questionnaire (about 5 minutes)
Part 2: Survey I (10-15 minutes)
Part 3: Survey II (15-20 minutes)
Part 4: Survey III (10-15 minutes)
Part 5: a short Korean Proficiency test (15-20 minutes)

It will take 55-75 minutes in total. You do not need to finish it in one sitting. It is partitioned into 3 to 5 parts, and you can stop, save your answers, and resume any time.

The procedure to conduct the survey is as follows:

1) Via email, I will give a link of the web site which includes Part 1 of the survey.
(Below, you can see the link) Please finish the part of the survey.
2) When you finish Part One of the survey, I will send you a link to another web site
which includes the next part of the survey.
3) In total, there are 5 parts to the survey that need to be completed.

Now let’s start the survey.

First, follow the link below and complete the consent form and the linguistic background questionnaire.

When you finish the form and questionnaire, I will send you the link to the next survey part.

Thank you for your help.

Yongjoon Cho

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