Saturday, May 15, 2010

Korea Culture and Corporate Vision Training Programs

MOBIS Vision and Korean Culture

Inside Hyundai

When I was in Korea in November, I produced 4 hours of web and DVD based training. This followed offering a 9 day intensive for overseas management teams on Korean heritage, Hyundai, and Hyundai MOBIS corporate culture and vision.

Last week, I was happy to hear that several HR departments in the Hyundai MOBIS overseas' organization had begun to incorporate the DVD in their employee development programs.

In addition, we have developed interactive computer-based training (CBT) offered in DVD format now offered across the global Hyundai Motor Company organization. We crafted a comprehensive storyline and visual content for their CBT, called Inside Hyundai.

Developed for Hyundai Motor Company Global Business Division, the CBT is an informative, highly interactive program that offers insightful information into Hyundai Motor Company and Korea.

In both cases, we developed content for a global audience. In both cases, we share Korean heritage and the respective corporate vision.
When I was in K

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