Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why a BCW J-1 Visa Intern Program?

Don Southerton--CEO BCW
Over the years I have worked with many Korean undergraduates and graduate students. Most hoped for a job with a global company. Step one was career counseling and getting them a top internship. Before that however, we carefully reworked their resume to highlight strengths and format properly, next was to polish interview skills, and finally was finding the right internship.  Once placed, I provided support while the students worked at the internship--since cross-cultural challenges surface. In may cases I continued to advise and mentor my Korean protegees. 

Essentially, this is the  BCW J-1 Visa Intern program.  Finding the right American internship is vital. Top internship positions are highly competitive.... the BCW J-1 program ensures students and recent graduates are well prepared.

So, if you have a Korean friend, family member, or acquaintance that can benefit from an internship please contact us at or go directly to our website Click Here

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