Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bridging Culture Worldwide's Focus

Bridging Culture Worldwide's focus is building cross-cultural understanding with Korea-facing organizations and business.
Don Southerton, Bridging Culture Worldwide CEO
We see each client's needs as unique.
Over the years, BCW has worked with hundreds of clients to improve their understanding of Korean business. (We also assist Korean teams in learning about their global partners.)
I’m often asked, "Exactly what does Bridging Culture Worldwide do?" Most often I respond with a recap on work BCW has performed that day and week....
For example, we recently….
conducted a workshop for an American team on skills for better interacting with Korean expatriates.
coached key global leadership for a firm with a major Korea-facing contract on Korean corporate culture and expectations.
have begun to develop a comprehensive cross-cultural joint venture approach for a U.S.-based franchise operation eager to enter the dynamic Korean and Asia-Pacific market.
How can we help your firm? BCW offers a complimentary assessment of your organization's cross-cultural requirements.
We look forward to discussing your needs. Please contact BCW at your convenience--24/7/365. (As a global company, we sleep little...)

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