Thursday, July 29, 2010

Korea-facing Books

Don Southerton Books
I am frequently asked to recommend books on Korea and its culture. Understanding Korea's past and present is an important step in comprehending its business culture, norms, and common practices.

A great place to begin is with several books I've authored. The books will give you and your team some background on Korea's recent past. My focus is early Western influence in Korea, although I write on contemporary Korean culture, too.

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The Filleys: 350 Years of American Entrepreneurial Spirit
A great book for Koreans wishing to learn more about the American legacy for entrepreneurship.

Intrepid Americans: Bold Koreans—Early Korean Trade, Concessions, And Entrepreneurship A wonderful look at early US and Korean business endeavors.

The Sioux in South Dakota (Contributing author) I know it's not about Korea, but it's something I often share with Korean teams.

A Yankee in the Land of the Morning Calm: A Historical Novel Book One, 1890-1895
Cool novel set in the early years of Korea's opening to the West.

A Yankee in the Land of the Morning Calm: Gold and Rail Book Two, 1895-1900
The sequel. ( Part 3 is done and a draft is available for the asking).

eBooks ( Complimentary)
Coffee, Cars, and Corporations: Thoughts on Korean Business and Popular Culture

More Thoughts on Korean Business and Popular Culture: Volume 2

Chemulpo to Songdo IBD: Korea's International Gateway An amazing pictorial history. Photographs are unique.

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