Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting to the Core of Challenges, Miscommunications, and Trust Issues

By Don Southerton, BCW Editor
The image shares a vision of Bridging Culture Worldwide's focus--getting to core of challenges and issues, which hamper Korea-facing business. This requires a deep understanding of US and Korean corporate and business cultures. We, then, tackle the problem based on a better feel of the true cause for the impasse. Not always an easy task.

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  1. Jenny7:25 AM

    Nice initiative is being undertaken. South Korea, even though a very tiny country, is opening its borders to the foreigners, as well is expanding its businesses in all the continents over the world.

    The need for Korean translation is growing with the emerging businesses, and one should be very careful while picking a company! You should always make sure that you use professional translation agencies with the translators specialising in the field.