Sunday, January 20, 2013

Korea Facing Book Interviews Online

By Don Southerton, BCW Editor
Thought you may appreciate links to my recent Korea media interviews. Essentially, I encourage collaboration and offer thoughts on what is the best way to approach Korean facing business--in Korea and globally. BTW Each interview looks at the topic from a different perspective.

1. Last week’s tbs eFm Seoul radio interview is now available in mp3 format.
Here’s the link. Just download and listen.

2. WSJ Korea Real Time
Southerton Advises Non-Koreans in Overseas Korean Offices
Wall Street Journal

This was also re-posted on Marmot's Hole, the leading Korean blog for expats.

3. Busan Hap

Hope this is helpful....  more media to come...
My thanks go to the eFM Morning Show team, WSJ's Evan Ramstad, Marmot's Robert Koehler, and Busan Haps' Jeff Liebsch... 


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