Monday, April 27, 2015

Everything Korea - Korean Foreign Investment, Tennessee and Car Tires!

In the week’s episode I recommend some books, as well as discuss Korean Foreign Investment, Tennessee and car tires.  

A common question I get from Korean executives is “what books are you reading Don?” Two books stand out from my current bookshelf.  [Both titles are listed in the video].

Before I share why these two books are on my reading list, I need to step back the past several months.  Prior to my March trip to Seoul, I picked up a new iPhone 6 (and yes, I plan to get an iWatch Sport soon). Anyway, while in Korea and to take advance of the high speed Internet I planned to do the software update. Mid download, the phone locked up. 

Luckily I was heading back to the US the next day, and would be in-flight for much of the next day, so I “survived” without phone, text and constant email updates.  In the meantime, I was re-reading Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek, and although cognitive to my addiction of constantly checking email, I finally came to recognize the time chewing up keeping an eye on emails, most all non-urgent, was impacting the quality of my work and life.  In particular, my creative thought stream was disrupted with a mix of updates, alerts and promotions. I wouldn’t even mention how many times I would check emails during the night.

So what’s the relevancy, well, after now implementing some rather cool email filter processes, and earmarking times to follow up on emails, I have carved out noticeable blocks of time I am now devote to additional reading and research…. And I’ve found “Those who read, have something to share.”   

Moving to my next topic, I’m in NYC at the Korea Society next week.  I’d happy to say the presentation will be recorded, available on YouTube and I’ll be posting the links.

BTW I have some time still available while in New York, so let me know if you have some thoughts who I should meet with while in the City.

One more thing-
In late May I will be in Tennessee as part of a panel discussing local foreign investment.  Specifically I was asked to discuss Korean foreign investment in regard to Hankook Tire’s new $800 million car tire plant.  Frankly, I’ve supported Hyundai and then Kia Motors’ manufacturing plants in Alabama and Georgia as well as teams from their other plants globally. I have also worked with Hyosung, which in their diverse product lines manufactures tire cords—the key component in tires.
I’ve been followed news of the Hankook plant since last fall, and hope to learn more about their plans for the US plant as well as help the local government and community support the new plant.

In turn it’s these experiences that provide the insights I share with you and others—all of us benefitted from this work across and supporting the many legs of Korean business: Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, research and design.

 So until next time…


“Those who Read, have something to share.”

Hankook Tire

4 Hour Workweek (updated)

 A Curious Mind

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