Monday, May 04, 2015

Everything Korea, Week of May 4th Episode

Two topics, first I’ll be working from NYC this week. I’ll be sharing the Korea Society presentation once their very professionally team produces the video series and uploads to YouTube.  Please Stay tuned. 
That said, much of my professional work is providing strategy and consulting to the top Korean brands globally.  

This includes working with non-Korean firms, leadership and audiences to explain the dynamics and nuances in Korean business. During a long day that can often extend into the evening, I tackle client issues.

A common question both in media interview and by clients is “ Don, how did you get interested in Korean business?” 

My Korea focus and experience are actually rooted in Korean martial arts. I began martial arts in the early 1970s, receiving my Cho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt) by the mid 1970s, opened my first school in 1976 and tested for Sabom Master Instructor in 1987.  In 2013, I was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.  

Outside my public image today of business consultant, coach, trainer, strategist, social commentator, and author.  I’ve continued to be a life-long student of traditional Korean martial arts-- now for 43 years.

I have added several complex Chinese forms to my repertoire of over 35 hyung—the traditional sets of combative movements martial artists’ practice to hone their bodies and minds.

I have always seen martial arts as not only a way of staying in shape through a wide range of stretching, kicking, and hand movements, but also a demanding mental regiment.

All said, I attribute my success in Korean business much in part to the discipline, “meditation in motion,” self-control, patience, and focus sharpened over a lifetime in the martial arts—not to mention the strong rooting in the cultural dimension of a traditional Korea art.

Just one more thing, in addition to my Korean facing Facebook pages, I just added a new martial arts Page.   It includes some articles I have written for both academic and the martial arts industry.

So until next time, this is Don Southerton wishing you all the best.

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