Monday, November 02, 2015

Everything Korea, November 2 Episode: Deconstructing the Murky

Supporting clients and their challenges requires getting to the core issues. It’s distinguishing between what are the organizational and what are the cultural impasses then providing practical solutions and work through’s. Much of my work is first listening carefully to clients and their challenges.  Equally 
valuable is walking around the corporate offices, observing and capturing multiple viewpoints. 

Nothing beats being onsite. Nothing beats getting face to face. 

Too often, I find challenges as murky, complex and layered with frustrations, so a deconstruction is needed. Not to mention there is a growing Korean business dimension to an overseas operations.  

In most cases I bring a fresh perspective—one rooted in years working with Korea-facing business.   I’d like to share that in addition to mentoring, I have recently began to work directly on specific and very select high profile projects with clients.  

To often an initiative that can dramatic improve local operations fails to get the needed support or approval from Korean local leadership or from the mother organization in Korea. I work to ensure these proposals get taken seriously. 

Make sense?  

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