Monday, October 26, 2015

“The Hyundai Whisperer” A Special Edition of Everything Korea

On a recent client workshop and mentoring session in NYC I was introduced by the

team leader to the group of participants noting my long history supported Hyundai,

Kia Motors and others. Then pausing for a moment the team leader added I was

known as the “Hyundai Whisperer.”  I smiling and graciously acknowledged, but at

the same time was quite puzzled….

What took me back in a very flattering way was how the phrase has journeyed.

As context, the phrase is derived from a “Horse Whisperer” – these are highly

regarded experts working with horses who have developed a natural

communication style through an understanding of ethnology coupled with a deep

insights into behavior.

What is intriguing is how the term Hyundai Whisperer has gone ‘viral.’ For me, it

first surfaced just a few months ago in a Starbucks’ meeting in California where a

new acquaintance (a top creative long involved in the car business and with

Hyundai) used it to describe what he had come to learn as my work and reputation

in the industry.

Just days later, in a meeting with another car business client, they, too, used the

term.  Then a few days later at an industry event, another client used “Hyundai

Whisperer” to introduce me to others in describing my consultancy.  In all these

instances, the clients worked within or with Hyundai or Kia but in different roles

and firms.

How it journeyed from the West Coast to the East Coast and perhaps beyond….has

been the pleasant surprise.

At one level it is an example of how one’s reputation matters….  on another level it

shares that dedicating one’s work to a niche matters, too.   Personally, I will continue

to provide  “knowledge of the tribe”, insights and client support worthy of the

title—the Hyundai Whisperer.

It’s here, I will segue to a related topic—the book i wrote titled Hyundai Way:

Hyundai Speed.  Published a few years ago, my objective for Hyundai Way: Hyundai

Speed was to share insights into the Hyundai Motor Group—a unique inside view of

a unique corporate culture.

The book is offered on Amazon and with others in eBook versions. I also just had my

publisher run a limited printing of the book in hard bound cover …  the hard bound

version is not available for purchase…. but for those interested in a copy, please let

me know… and we’ll see how best to get you a complimentary signed copy.

Until next time…. all the best….

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