Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Everything Korea August 22 Episode Seoul Man, The Book

This is a special edition and for a change, I‘d like to share what I feel is a great Korea facing resource—my friend Frank Ahrens’ soon to be a best seller.

Frank's career prior to the 3 years as Hyundai Motor Company’s head of global PR was a journalist for the Washington Post. His vivid accounts of the years with HMC provide readers with a look behind the curtain—some cultural, some personal experiences. All a must read for anyone working for a Korean company.

Speaking with Frank last week, what stands out is his observations and early first hand impressions into the workings of Hyundai—something those of us long involved with Korea-facing business far too often overlook, or take for granted as norm.

I strongly recommend you get a copy. To facilitate, here’s the link.https://www.amazon.com/Seoul-Man-Unexpected-Hilarity-Corporate/dp/0062405241

As Always….

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