Monday, August 29, 2016

Everything Korea August 29 Pitfalls and Roadblocks—Korea Perspective

Over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed sharing resources. This week it’s my book from 2015, Korea Perspective—which I wrote as a road map to avoid the pitfalls, navigate around the roadblocks, and “thrive.”

In crafting the book I drew heavily on conversations with Western overseas teams, as well Korean leadership and teams.  In particular, both groups openly shared their challenges and pressing concerns along with the inner workings of their companies with hopes for improving communication.

In turn, my goal was to provide a framework, strategy, and solutions.  

To Dig Deeper
Since so many have opted to get copies for my other writings, here, too, is a link to Korea Perspective, or you can request a PDF from my personal assistant Stacey at

As Always….

Have a Korea-facing situation that needs addressing?  Need some insights into Korea-facing challenges?  In many cases, we can provide solutions and workarounds.

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