Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Everything Korea, January 16: One More “Must Do”

Following up on my preview commentary, I’d like to add another “Must Do.”

As I have shared, teams and leadership initially will require Korean corporate culture immersion and then continuing support and mentoring. This ranges from on-boarding folks new to your organization as well as anyone that may have moved into a new role and responsibilities that bring them in contact with Korean teams and exposure. In the best cases, I am brought in literally day 1 with new leadership, in contrast to waiting for issues to surface that perplex and bring question. 

As a caveat to this “on-boarding and support,” immersion should extend to vendors and service providers new to your organization. Frankly, in my experience, the best partners embrace the opportunity to learn about your company’s Korean ties and influences. More so, it can pro-actively reduce many of the challenges that surface in the relationship and improve overall productivity.

I’d be happy to discuss to ensure we have a solid immersion and mentor program in place, as well as how best to provide support to your partners.

Stacey, stacey@koreabcw.com, my assistant can schedule us a time to meet, or chat by phone. For urgent matters, Text me at 310-866-3777

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