Monday, January 09, 2017

The Three Korea Facing Business “Must Do’s”

Must do #1

Stay informed on the economic and political issues in Korea that will impact business in 2017. For many of you, I do this in daily updates. If you are not receiving and would like to be better informed, please let us know and we’ll add you these updates.

Must do #2

Mentoring and coaching has never been as vital. Anyone in your organization that has exposure and interactions with Korean teams and leadership need this support. This can range from training sessions to one-on -one mentoring. Assuming teams will “get it” is like throwing someone in the deep end of the pool and expecting them to swim and not sink. Sadly, the later has been the model, with a few exceptions…frankly this attributes to employee and leadership struggles—for example, trying to second guess Korea HQs perspectives, or investing time and resources in projects only to have them stalled, postponed or dropped. The investment in mentoring always offsets the huge costs tied to frustrating and misunderstanding that lead to leadership and staff turnover, not to mention poor performance.

Must do #3

Finally stay flexible and be seen as adaptive to change. Provide options vs. singular solutions to challenges. Offer, when appropriate, even an “out of the box” additional option.

All said, look for more “Must do’s” in the following weeks, with this as a good start for 2017.

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