Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Everything Korea March 13 Episode: Korea 101 Foundation for Understanding Korea Business

When you ask somewhat “what are you most passionate about?” 

It can be very revealing—family, work, hobbies, sports, and social issues.

For me and my work its sharing Korean business culture and, in particular, strategies to succeed with the Culture.

Since 2004 I have offered programs and mentoring to thousands across America and internationally. A flagship Korea 101 program has served as the core for this Korean business culture mentoring. In turn, this training and coaching builds upon current experiences of the teams, while providing new understandings that lead to solutions.

Both our on-site and web-based programs have been offered to teams not only in America, but also in Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia, AU, India, South Korea, and the Middle East.
Customized versions have been professionally recorded and distributed worldwide to organizations and incorporated in their in-house programs.

Ideally the program is on-site over 4 to 6 weeks—each class a 1½-hour session. That said, we have a number of options including half and full day immersion programs.
Korea 101 and 201 programs are also an integral part of on-boarding and mentoring for key executives and management.

I like to highlight that we find participants genuinely care about their work and the company, and acquiring the needed skills offered in Korea 101 specifically help them to move forward within the culture.

Finally, the key to the success of our Korea programs has been the strong endorsement of our partner firms’ CEOs, senior American and Korean management, and across their teams. As organizations they realize that their teams need support. Expecting employees to “get it” without training and coaching rarely works. We are proud to work with our partners and their teams.

To chat about Korea 101 or a Korean facing business question, Stacey, my assistant can schedule us a time to meet or chat by phone. For all urgent matters, Text me at 310-866-3777

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