Thursday, March 23, 2017

Everything Korea, March 20 Episode Move Forward Within the Culture.

That’s my message this year in both commentaries and on-site presentations. It captures my work, which is to provide companies, leadership and teams with how best to work effectively… taking into account Culture plays a huge role in their workplaces. 

This week we’d like to share 2 publications, too.

Korea Perspective (2015)

and Korea Facing: Secrets for Success in Korea Global Business (2012)

They compliment each other. One builds upon the other. 

Together both explore issues. Together they provide workarounds for challenges that surface.
Follow the links and we’ll forward PDF copies. All said - I'm passionate about providing needed strategy, skills and mentoring offered in these books as well as programs like Korea 101℠.
My goal is for Companies, executives and teams to "move forward within the Culture."

To discuss about more a Korean facing business question, Stacey, my assistant can schedule us a time to meet or chat by phone.
For all urgent matters, text me at 310-866-3777

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