Thursday, January 10, 2013

Korea Facing: Secrets... An Update

Again, best wishes in the new year...

With the release of Korea Facing: Secrets for Success in Korean
Global Business feedback and comments have been very positive. In
some cases, global teams are sharing the book across their
organization as a tool to better educate staff on the nuances of
their Korea-based company. We've also been interviewed by Seoul's
tbs eFM "This Morning" show, (an on-demand link to the talk is
forthcoming) with more media interviews in the works...

One common question is how to access the book? There are several

Option #1 Apple iBook (my favorite and free)

Option #2 A PDF version is available upon request.

Option #3 Kindle or Nook.

Option #4 Amazon, which offers the book in eBook and Print versions.

Questions, Comments, Feedback?  I'd be interested in your thoughts.

As always, if you or your company has need for my consultancy,
please let me know by email or Phone +1-310-866-3777. We're always
interested in learning more about your business needs and opportunities.


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