Monday, October 19, 2015

Everything Korea October 19 Episode: Stop Blaming Your Culture

Some quotes to start the Vodcast…
1. Working with and within a culture is sensible, practical and effective.
2. Within an overarching corporate culture, there are generally several subcultures each with the own unique elements.
3. Use the culture you already have.                                                                           ….take pains to stay within the most essential tenets of existing culture.
4. [it’s] Critical to fully understand the culture, then be able to de-construct and simply aspects relevant to your situation.  
These quotes are from a well crafted article titled, “Stop Blaming Your Culture”
A colleague recently shared the article recognizing the concept had value for his own company in working with and within their Culture.  In particular, I was asked then to assist with providing insights into the Korean side of  my client’s Culture.  Echoing the article “Culture matters!”
I strongly recommend you download the article and study.  I’d then be happy to share my thoughts on how to work within your specific Culture.
Week of October 19
Culture article link
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